Cold – and it’s getting colder…

nov 2015 5

Oh boy, what awful weather we’ve had this month! The Anglo-Saxons used to call November the ‘Wind Month’ and it’s easy to see why if 2015 is anything to go by. Ridiculously, a couple of weeks ago there was a record high temperature for November recorded somewhere on the Cardigan coast (22.3 deg). No sign of that now!

This month was also called ‘Blood Month’ by ancient Britons because it was when they began to slaughter livestock so that there was enough food to see them through the winter. Not seen any animals meeting their end, thank goodness, but the wind has been bad enough to send us scurrying for cover into the back bedroom at night (the unsettlingly named red room – because of the bedcovers!). There are almost no leaves left on the trees, which is a shame, because the colours have been brilliant this year.

But the wind has finally died, to be replaced by early snow. On the hills, at least. Which is good – it looks pretty and doesn’t cause any problems.

Today (Sunday 22nd) we went for a walk up to the top of Allt yr esgair. It was more luck than judgement that we found the way because the directions in the book bore absolutely no resemblance to the terrain in front of us. Either things have changed since the book was written (…?) or the book was rubbish in the first place.

Anyway, we got there in the end. The views were fantastic and it was well worth the effort. As usual we started out with way too many clothes on and ended up carrying coats and jumpers, as well as sticks and bags.

Coming down was a lot simpler – you know you’re going the right way, for a start, because you can see and hear the road. I found a fair bit of holly lying in the lane and happily collected it to put in vases at home. I know we’re nowhere near Christmas (despite what the shops and on-line pirates are trying to tell us) but I figure that if it’s on display outside  there’s no reason why I can’t display it inside.

The fun part of the day over, when we got home I knuckled down to making the curtains for the red room (sorry, girls) and for the landing window. It was a real chore; I know it’s only a matter of sewing straight lines but by the time I’ve measured everything six times and the bobbin has run out and has to be refilled and I’ve dropped pins all over the floor I’m ready to give up. Still, it’s finally done.

And as a reward Mr B concocted a practically perfect stew for tea so it was all worth it!

nov 2015 2

nov 2015 7

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